Palm Coast Epoxy Flooring

    Durable, Attractive, Maintenance-free Epoxy Flooring

    Since the time epoxy flooring has been evolved, it has changed the way people look at their floors. This kind of flooring tends to be extremely strong and durable.  Also, it will stand up to the most challenging shop, garage, and  industrial environments while protecting concrete  surfaces from wear, hazardous chemicals, gasoline, oil, moisture, spills, accidents and more.   If you want your garage to look like a showroom, ask us to install the ultimate garage flooring for you.

    Gray metallic epoxy coating

    Loaded with numerous advantages, Palm Coast epoxy flooring is found to be an ideal coating solution for your home, warehouses, garages, pharmaceutical manufacturing/warehouse buildings, food and beverage plants, laboratories, automotive manufacturing plants, showrooms and many others.

    Kwekel Painting – A dominant leader in Palm Coast epoxy flooring

    There are various reasons to choose epoxy flooring system for your home or business. Kwekel Painting will make a great partner for your Palm Coast epoxy flooring needs.  Since our inception in 1986, we have built an honest reputation in the market by offering reasonable pricing and long-lasting flooring options to our clients. Our epoxy flooring installers work meticulously in preparing and cleaning the existing concrete substrate to create a great profile.  This will ensure that we have paved the way for a perfect coating bond. When finished, you can get a slip-resistant floor, decorative flake floor, metllic epoxy flooring, quarts floor, or other beautiful floors that will upgrade the beauty and value of your property. Give us a call to discuss what epoxy flooring options are available to you in Palm Coast.