Pressure Washing

    Paint Removal, Pressure Cleaning and Power Wash

    Cleaning and Power washing Central Florida since 1986

    pressure washing

    Pressure washing is an essential part of home maintenance. The Kwekel Painting professionals know how to apply the correct amount of measured pressure and cleaners to make your home look like new again. When we pressure wash or power wash a suface we take care not to damage surrounding vegetation or substrates. Improper chemical usage can cause harm to plants and landscaping so Kwekel Painting follows a specific process to ensure the least amount harm.

    The Process:

    • Move outdoor rugs and furniture
    • Pre-wet all the landscaping around the perimeter of the home
    • Apply our house washing solution to surfaces of the home, this solution is specifically engineered to remove mold and other organics from the surface.
    • Heavily soiled and stained areas are re-treated as necessary
    • Rinse entire surface re-wet all plants to prevent browning of vegetation

    Our Power Washing Services include:

    • Patio pressure cleaning
    • Pool Decks pressure washing
    • Pool enclosures
    • Wood decks
    • Composite deck cleaning
    • Power cleaning fences and other outdoor wood structures
    • House washing
    • Brick and concrete pressure cleaning
    • Exotic hardwood deck care