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    Kwekel Painting has been painting houses since 1986. House painting requires extensive preparation for a high quality finish. We do not cut corners; instead, we make professional recommendations based on years of experience for the best results. We work hard to meet the specific needs of your project and house painting ideas. We will communicate with you often throughout the duration of the project. Cleanup takes place every day, and once we start, we return daily until finished. We are a trusted painting contractor in Daytona Beach.

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    Tackling a House Painting Project In Daytona Beach, FL: When’s the Right Time?

    Painting is a simple and inexpensive way to bring about beautiful transformation to the interior and exterior of your home. A fresh paint job will make your house look better and last longer. And not only that, but a new coat of paint will go a long way in enhancing the curb appeal and resale value of your house. If you are thinking about getting your house painted but not sure whether or not it’s time to take on such a project, there are certain signs that will tell you when the time is right.

     When to paint your home.

    When it comes to painting the exterior of your house in Daytona, there isn’t any set timeline when you should tackle a paint project. It varies depending on climate, the quality of the previously applied coat of paint, how well your house was prepped beforehand, and whether you hired a professional contractor to do the job. The most important determining factor is the condition of your house’s current coat. You want to paint as soon as you notice paint starting oxidize, crack, and peel off of your exterior, or when the surface becomes sun-beaten (chalky) and flaky. Ignoring these problems will lead to a much more extensive job, as an exposed surface becomes susceptible to moisture, sun insects and other damage. So, if you see any of the signs mentioned above, it’s definitely the right time for a fresh paint job, but even if you don’t, you might still be ready for a change.

    As far as the interior painting goes, you’ll know when it’s time to paint when your walls start giving you dirty looks. Of course, you may also want to paint the spaces inside your house mainly for decorative purposes, to add character and personality to your home. Different interior paint colors can be a great design tool, adding variety and bringing about dramatic changes to your home interior.

    Whether you are planning to paint the exterior or interior of your home, it is important to utilize professional painting services to ensure a smooth and uniform finish that will last for many years. Only professional painters are efficient and have the expertise and proper techniques to produce top-notch, enduring results.

    If you feel like getting a quotation to paint your house, call Kwekel Painting, a trusted painting contractor servicing Daytona Beach Florida, and receive an estimate of the correct cost of your paint job.

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