Epoxy Flooring Jacksonville

    Why Choose Premium Epoxy Flooring Jacksonville

    When it comes to epoxy flooring Jacksonville, customers take advantage of premium services with cost efficient solutions in order to help them achieve long-term results. In fact, learning about the benefits of integrating epoxy flooring to your home will significantly help you in attaining more elegant coatings. Through the years, epoxy floor coating has always been a reliable product that supports the needs of home owners in Jacksonville.

    Whether you need commercial, industrial or residential epoxy flooring service, we are here to provide you with the ultimate solutions you exactly need. With the help of our well experienced epoxy flooring installers, we are able to apply the product in the most efficient way possible to ensure quality application. Our installation services actually guarantee that epoxy is applied the proper way to avoid problems.

    How We Work

    It is our main goal to save you from headaches and operational problems that are experienced from other service providers available in the epoxy flooring Jacksonville area. With ultimate satisfaction among the end-users, our company continues to strive for excellence as we develop better quality products and solutions so that your specific requirements and expectations are met in a timely fashion. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to give us a call so that we can clearly discuss the project.

    We efficiently work by diamond grinding the floor before we start the procedure. Smooth finish is what we always aim for whenever we deliver projects in the area. To guarantee the quality of the coating, we coat the entire floor with high solids epoxy to give a smooth durable coating.

    In order to avoid problems when applying epoxy to your flooring, here are some of the most important things for a successful epoxy flooring jacksonville application:

    High gloss epoxy flooring creates a stunning floor for your Jacksonville garage or business.

    • Epoxy coating is an amazing product which helps home owners in creating even floors but with improper application, you get rougher flooring instead of smoother surface. You need to work with a professional contractor that can give you the result that you want to achieve after the project.
    • With poor surface preparation and neglecting of the basics before coating the floor with epoxy, you find it regretful. The proper thing to do is to shot blast or diamond grind the concrete surface before the new epoxy flooring Jacksonville is installed.
    • If there is dust, moisture, or dirt on the surface before the application, rest assured that your project will be a total mess. An expert epoxy flooring service provider knows how to treat the surface first before applying the concrete epoxy.
    • Soft concrete can accept epoxy unevenly. Sometimes this takes place when your epoxy coating products are applied too thin.
    • Use of primer is sometimes important. If the floor has any type of moisture issues, or spalling problems, you may want to include it during the application, or you are only wasting money, time and effort.
    • Incompatible surfaces will also affect the entire application. Before you decide to integrate epoxy flooring, be sure that the epoxies are compatible with the concrete or other coatings.
    • By choosing to work with an expert epoxy flooring service provider in Jacksonville, you are guaranteed to receive quality outcome at more affordable cost. Transform your dull home or garage flooring into more vibrant floor covering with our professional solutions. We are here to help you make your home a better place for your family while enjoying smoother surface whenever walking around the house. If you have questions, you can contact us for more details.


    Through durable epoxy flooring Jacksonville finish, you can create a more comfortable home for your loved ones. Our professional epoxy floor installers will help you achieve a better environment for your home especially on your garage though premium epoxy coating. The following are the solutions that we guarantee to provide you with once you decide to work with us:

    • Remove paint, oil, and concrete stains on the floor
    • Diamond grind garage floors and smoothen concrete surface
    • Provide up-front cost without any hidden fees

    When epoxy coating applied on floors peel up too soon, the cause might be slab moisture. However, we can do something about this by having a humidity test. This method is performed by using calcium chloride based testing kit instead of plastic sheeting. Our skilled team can conduct this for you in order to make sure that everything is ready for the epoxy coating. Let us remove moisture on your flooring and achieve a long-term epoxy coating for better savings.

    To simply eliminate old installations, contaminated floors, oils, greases, and other residues on your floors, work with us and we will give you ideal flooring that you and your family truly deserve. For best results, kindly call us today to help you plan your epoxy flooring Jacksonville. Our experts are always available to help our clients meet their desired output without having to spend a lot of money.

    Our reliable and affordable solutions will guide you throughout the epoxy coating process. Please feel free to voice your concerns if you have any so that we can incorporate your ideas as we work on the project. For further details about our service, call us today and get free reliable quotes!