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    Flooring not only plays a great role in sprucing up the interiors and garages, but also in designing. When it is time to give your home a new look,  the flooring is a vital part of the design. Not just at home but also in offices and buildings, people love it as it helps to maintain the professional look as well as a comfortable warm environment. Garage floor coating systems come in various thicknesses, colors, and textures.  Some floors are very smooth  or they can be made to be slip-resistant. They can last over twenty years, as a seamless and environmentally friendly floor.  Ormond Beach epoxy flooring is one to the most perfect floors for for pharmaceutical, food & beverage production and manufacturing environments.  Due to its seamless nature and extremely hard finish, bacterial don’t have much room to grow. Among different types of flooring options, epoxy flooring emerges as one of the best options due to various reasons:

    • It is seamless – it allows for quick and easy cleaning with just a mop or broom.  No dirty grout lines that are unsightly throughout the home or business.
    • Endless colors – epoxies can be custom made to your specific requirements.
    • Hundreds of textures – decorative flakes epoxy flooring, quartz flooring, mica flake floors, and metallic marble floors are a few textures designers can use to reflect your personality.
    • Extremely durable – epoxy concrete flooring wears like iron.  These floors are strong, durable and last for decades.

    Kwekel Painting – A dominant player in the epoxy coating industry

    We have over 30 years of combined expertise serving commercial and residential markets across Ormond Beach,  we can bring a solution to satisfy any of your Ormond Beach epoxy flooring requirements, just ask us for some epoxy samples. Our customers can rest assured that they are dealing with experts and that we will ensure a professional coating installation experience.