damaged walls from wallpaper removalStripping wallpaper can often lead to severely damaged walls.  The level of damage from taking off wallpaper depends upon a number of factors.  Where the walls primed and sized before wallpaper installation?  What kind of adhesive was used to apply the wallpaper? Are the walls made from paper backed drywall or from solid plaster?

    If you are fortunate you will be following a professional paper hanger who took care in his approach to hanging.  Even so, if the walls were stripped, there will be some damage moderate too severe. Here is the Kwekel Painting seven step process on how to repair walls after wallpaper removal:


    1. Sand all the walls with 120 too 150 grit sand paper to remove nubs and paper debris
    2. Vacuum up all dust
    3. Prime walls with a solvent based primer, either oil based or alcohol based.  (alcohol based reduces dry time)
    4. Patch damaged areas of wall with drywall mud.
    5. Sand patches thoroughly and entire wall lightly.
    6. Re-prime entire wall with solvent based or high quality acrylic primer
    7. Paint walls with two coats of finish paint

    See our next article for the reason why it is necessary to use a solvent based primer after wallpaper removal.