Daytona beach metallic epoxy floor

    Aesthetically Pleasing Epoxy Flooring Professionally Installed

    An epoxy garage coating is a luxurious feature to any home. Properly applied, epoxy flooring Daytona Beach adds a beautiful decorative element to your home along with durability. It gives an attractive and appealing look to your garage. We are here to provide a modern look to your garage floor at an inexpensive cost. We are a leading specialist for epoxy finishes and floor coatings. Epoxy Flooring provides different solutions to cater your flooring needs. That is why it’s vital to speak to our professionals who will guide you in all aspects of the epoxy process. We offer fantastic finishes for residential garages, as well as for commercial floors. Let us give your floor a clean new look that will last you for years.

    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Daytona Beach

    • Lots of colors for you to choose from
    • Long-lasting finish that is easy to maintain
    • Weather resistant
    • Heat resistant
    • Resists the wear and tear of everyday life
    • Slip resistant glossy surface
    • Chemical resistant to protect from automotive fluids

    You can hand over all the work to our professionals without any hassle. Our experts and professionals have the right equipment, techniques, and knowledge to complete your epoxy coating efficiently. When we begin working on your garage floor, we will re-level any damage done to your floor, remove any existing concrete coating, and treat any cracks so. After that we apply the epoxy coating and your new garage is completed. With our long lasting epoxy flooring solutions in Daytona, you can receive a fantastic look for a competitive price. Contact our professionals to get new look in your garage. Call now for a free estimate!

    Epoxy Flooring a Beautiful Addition to Your Home

    Epoxy flooring is a deluxe feature to any residence. When used properly, epoxy floor coating adds a lovely decorative component to your house along with its durability. Epoxy flooring provides an attractive and pleasing appearance to your garage. If you decided to transform your garage into a recreation area, family room, call us, we are an expert Epoxy Flooring Daytona Beach Company that can provide a modern appearance to your garage door without costing you a lot.

    We are a premier specialist’s in epoxy finishes and floor coating. Epoxy flooring offers diverse solutions to provide your flooring needs. This is the reason why it is important to talk to our experts who will guide you in various factors of the epoxy flooring process. We provide remarkable finishes for commercial and residential floors. Allow our experts to give your floor a new look which will desired by your friends.

    Epoxy Flooring Daytona Beach: The Best Flooring Solution Available

    Epoxy coating is a remarkable flooring solution for residential, industrial and commercial floors. With lots of options to select from and the lifespan of the floor is virtually unbeatable. Epoxy flooring could last from fifteen to thirty years, it depends on the application you take. Costs could range from 2.00 dollars up to 10.00 a sq foot.
    We have been doing epoxy floor painting for many decades now and we are seeing lots of clients having their garage floors painted and turning them into a living room. Changing the ugly gray concrete surface into something new, we see TV’s installed in garages and bar on wheels that could be rolled out in the middle of the garage to watch baseball games, football games, basketball, etc., a lot of Daytona residences are turning their garages into living areas. A lot of garage floors in Daytona Beach are anywhere from 400 hundred to 800 square feet and wider and that is like adding another space onto their house.

    Epoxy Flooring Daytona Beach Available For All Purposes

    Epoxy coating is not just ideal for your Daytona Beach garage floor, it is also ideal for your basement. When you have an underground room that has water issues, epoxy flooring is the best solution. Epoxy is water resistant, no more pulling up the carpet as well as replacing it each time it rains, simply pull out the vacuum or mop and the problem is addressed. Epoxy flooring is milder and mold resistant and most of all it is also allergen free. Easy to clean and stain and chemical resistant as well.

    We Only Use High-Grade Epoxy

    Not all epoxies are made the same. We utilize 100 percent solid epoxy and we provide a warranty with our epoxy flooring Daytona Beach service. Floor preparation is the whole thing; the apertures in the concrete have to be opened up prior to the coating. Our floor preparation starts with getting rid of oil stains as well as sealers, or any contaminant epoxy will not adhere to. The next step is grinding the surface of your floor using a specialize tool to open the holes. Some contractors use acid etching, but that doesn’t open the holes enough. We also have a vacuum as the dust is dangerous and terrible for your health. After the pores are opened, we clean the concrete using a leaf blower. This is performed to get rid of the dust. After this, we will now apply the coating.

    Cracks and chips could be fixed with a few methods, however, it depends on how serious the cracks or chips are. We start through chasing out the chip with a chaser blade in order to open up the chip and get rid of any loose aggregate. Next, we clean the crack using a compressor. There are lots of epoxy for chip repair available out there, but we only use a high grade epoxy to fix the crack fast. When the epoxy is dried, then coating is the next thing we do.

    Wide Range of Options for Epoxy Covering

    We offer various kind of epoxy covering to choose from, here are a few:

    • Single Broadcast: Single coat of epoxy that has flakes broadcast into the epoxy with UV resistant top coat.
    • Solid Color System: Normally dual coats of a denser color epoxy used at 10 mils thick, for every coat, largely utilized in manufacturing applications because this is the cheapest option yet very durable.
    • Epoxy Flake: A base covering of epoxy that has a vinyl chip show into the epoxy. Ideal to use in your basement
    • Marble Metallic: This is a gorgeous flooring option that looks like swirled metallic marble.

    Epoxy Flooring Daytona Beach Professionals

    Do you consider epoxy flooring? Our experts can handle the entire task without any pressure or hassle. Our professionals and experts have the right techniques, equipment and tools, as well as knowledge to do the job effectively and quickly. When we start working on your kitchen or garage floor, our experts will re-level any chips or cracks on your floor, get rid of any current concrete paint, and we will also fix most chips and cracks you might have. Then we apply a high quality epoxy and that’s it. Your garage or kitchen has a new look.

    Due to our long lasting epoxy flooring Dayton Beach service, you can get a remarkable appearance for a fraction of the cost. We also service places near Daytona Beach. For more information about reliable and dependable epoxy flooring Daytona Beach, call our professionals to assess your garage. We also provide free estimates for our epoxy flooring service.