The array of flooring choices available to homeowners and businesses seems endless. But not all flooring solutions yield the same quality of results as the epoxy flooring system from Kwekel. Our epoxy flooring installations provide an incredible showroom finish and last for decades without fading or peeling.

    There are several things to consider when evaluating the quality of epoxy flooring. They are: adhesion, durability, thickness, fading and chemical resistance. We focus on each one of these to provide the best possible outcome for our customers.


    Our epoxy flooring has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. Unlike many flooring solutions, the industrial grade epoxy we install will stick to the floor under the harshest of conditions. It will withstand years of continuous use without peeling. The concrete will break apart before our epoxy comes off!


    Your floor finish is constantly being attacked by abrasion. Every time you walk on the floor, every time the car tires turn, abrasion happens, which can slowly damage your floors. Our epoxy flooring system is strong enough to stand up to any traffic. It boasts an abrasion loss rating of as low as 3 milligrams, making it is extra durable and exponentially more scratch and abrasion resistant than what the best competition has to offer. No other epoxy flooring solution comes close!


    Another important thing to consider when selecting a floor is the thickness. We use 100% solid self-leveling epoxy. It’s not uncommon for such flooring to be between 30 – 40 milligrams in thickness. These types of floor systems can last fifteen to twenty years or more.


    Our epoxy floors are long-wearing, fade resistant and UV-proof. They won’t yellow or fade even under continuous exposure to sunlight. You will be able to enjoy beautiful flooring with a bright look and lasting shine for years to come.

    Chemical resistance.

    Chemicals can destroy floors quickly. Our epoxy flooring system contains properties that protect the floors from just about any and all chemicals, gasoline, acids, corrosive elements and even skydrol.

    Having epoxy flooring installed is a great way to take your floor to a completely new level of design and functionality. The beautiful, long-lasting and durable flooring can be yours today. Call Kwekel Epoxy Floors to discuss your epoxy flooring needs with one of our credible professionals.