Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring

    Garage flooring looks great and provides durability. With our garage floor epoxy, you receive a high level of floor protection along with a beautiful glossy finish. Our epoxy flooring is long-lasting and will give your concrete floor a fresh new look for years to come.

    Benefits of epoxy flooring

    • Highly tough and chemical resistant
    • Slip resistant
    • Heat resistant
    • Various color selections
    • The damaged concrete will be restored prior to epoxy coating

    With our garage flooring services, you don’t have to pick from just one or two boring colors. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and additives like metal fleck, quartz, vinyl clips to give your floor proper texture.

    How your concrete surface will be refurbished

    • First we use a grinding process to remove grease, oil, dirt, and stains from your concrete. Making use of special diamond grinders to clean the concrete’ surface, so that it will bond perfectly with the epoxy coating. This opens up the concrete to make a great profile for the epoxy to adhere well.
    • If there are any cracks we fix them all with special process, in which we put filler into each crack to make sure that they are filled and not visible through the epoxy. Even the spider cracks are filled!
    • After that all we have left to do is paint it with an epoxy coating and let it dry.Most garage floors start developing cracks over the period of time, due to a wide number of reasons , such as movement of soil and the growth of tree roots. You don’t have to live with a stained and cracked garage floor anymore! Let our trained professionals clean up your garage floor so that it can be a beautiful extension of your home. We can help you completely refurbish your garage surface with an epoxy floor coating.

    Our professionals will turn your garage floor into an appealing durable surface. We ensure that installation of the epoxy coating is done in an efficient manner, and with best quality to ensure long-lasting durability for a competitive cost.

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    Epoxy Floor Colors

    Beach Line

    Desert Landscape



    Warm Cabin

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    Kwekel Painting did an excellent job on the project. I was very happy at the epoxy flooring in my garage in palm coast. When the job was completed, Calvin and his crew made sure that everything was orderly and did a wonderful job in the clean up. I was extremely happy with the quality workmanship that Calvin provided. I also told my neighbor who also wanted her garage floor painted by Calvin.

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